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Printer-friendly version What is common law marriage? Declaration of Informal Marriage When is it important to prove a common law marriage? How do I prove that we agreed to be married and represented to others that we were married? Can same-sex couples be married at common law?

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Download PDF version of Article Back to top. Divorce — Under Texas law, all property acquired during a marriage formal or common law is community property. If a common law marriage is proved, community property is divided the same as if the parties were formally married. Debts accumulated during a common law marriage are also divided between the spouses. If no common law marriage is proved, there is no marital property or debts to divide.

As single people, the parties will keep their personal property and property titled to them, and will remain individually responsible for their debts. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Bergner Jessica O. Ireton Jonathan M. Jabcuga Zachary A.

Texas does recognize common law marriages. In Texas, a common law marriage is called an informal marriage. However, certain requirements must be met in order for a common law marriage to be established.

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If all of the requirements are not met, then, if and when the couple separates or divorces, their property rights may be affected. Can you file for a divorce if you are informally married in Texas?

Often times, you can do it by yourself. However, some situations may require the assistance of an attorney. We will discuss how common law marriages are created in Texas below.

So how are informal marriages created in Texas? Informal marriages are created when all of the following takes place:. The couple entered into an agreement to be married; and The couple held themselves out to others that they were married; and The couple lived together in Texas. Moreover, according to the Texas Family Code, Section 2.

It is important to be clear on whether or not a common law marriage has been established because once a common law marriage has been created, it will have an effect on property distribution if and when a couple ever decides to get divorced. Keeping Ignacio and Stella in mind, have they satisfied all of the requirements that are needed to establish an informal marriage in Texas? Let's discuss why they haven't formed an informal marriage. For starters, they had an agreement to be married. However, they didn't have a clear understanding that they were actually married. Next, Ignacio and Stella held themselves out to others that they were married.

That requirement was fulfilled because they filed joint tax returns.

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Also, they lived together in Texas. Although Ignacio and Stella satisfied two of the requirements to form. Let's move on and talk about how to go about challenging a claim that a common law marriage exist. Can a claim that a common law marriage exists be challenged?

This typically happens when someone files for a divorce without ever getting a marriage license.

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To illustrate this a bit more, let's change some of Ignacio and Stella's circumstances. Let's say that Ignacio and Stella agreed that they were already married and that they intended on planning a church ceremony to celebrate their agreement.


Busting Common-Law Marriage Myths in Texas

They told family and friends that they were married and they lived together in Fresno up until last month when Stella called it quits. Now are Ignacio and Stella in a common law marriage? All of the requirements have been met to form a common law marriage. Can Stella or Ignacio file for a divorce and seek alimony or a property settlement? Probably so. However, we won't concern ourselves with issues of alimony or property settlements now.

Let's discuss how to challenge a claim that a common law marriage exist.

Does Texas Recognize Common Law Marriages?

Based on these facts alone, can Stella or Ignacio challenge the existence of their common law marriage? The Texas Family Code provides specific provisions on how to go about challenging a claim that a common law marriage exist. Specifically, pursuant to the Texas Family Code, Section 2.