What direction do people look when they are lying

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HOW TO CATCH A LIER / NLP Eye Pattern Recognition

Habit is what keeps you going. If you're like most B2B Marketers, you probably thought "not today!

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Eye Movements When Lying: How Your Eyes Betray Your Lies – Learning Mind

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Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Thank you for adding to the conversation! Our comments are moderated. As the candidate considers the question and responds, scrutinise the movement of their eyes, the way they move in their chair and even the way they breathe. Myth buster: It is generally believed that right-handed people will look to the right when recalling something honestly however, you know what assuming does…. In fact, the voice can naturally appear higher due to a heart rate increase, because of stress.

If you really hit a nerve, a candidate might literally dry up completely as the central nervous system reduces salivary flow.

Top 10 Signs That Someone is Lying

Your subject will have to stop and clear their throat. Have you ever listened to a five minute answer to a straightforward question and been genuinely confused as to what just happened? A good liar will take the opportunity to cloud a simple issue, including masses of detail to deflect your attention.

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Liars may try to distance themselves from their fabrication. This too could be a sign that an interviewee is struggling to form a coherent and perhaps untruthful response. The feet are a really great indicator. Too much shuffling can immediately reveal that a candidate is subconsciously desperate to run away.

Look out for the sudden shifts in posture, moving the head to the side and people picking at their fingers or skin to occupy their hands.

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Covering the mouth is an obvious indicator, but the throat, chest and abdomen are also common places that people seek to protect. When apprehensively lying, the nervous system will stop sending blood to the extremities, as its focus is distracted elsewhere. There are tell-tale signs that reveal flickers of emotion, from anger to disgust, sadness to fear.

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Incredibly difficult to analyse accurately, micro-expression experts look for unexpected displays of emotion. Instead, you might have to settle for reading good old normal expressions, like the ones to your right! In the real world it comes down to gut feeling. If the answer is absolutely not, you might want to consider your decision to employ them too. Furthermore, good liars also aware of that notion that "eyes cannot lie", that avoiding eye contact is a sign of deception and lying.

So instead of shifting their eyes, they train themselves to look you square in the eyes and lie through their teeth…. First, let's acknowledge the fact that there isn't any single gesture or expression that yells "I'm lying right now". It's not like we're programmed with a self exposing sign. We do, however, feel uncomfortable lying and little 'glitches' in our body language appear.

These glitches are nonverbal cues that suggest stress and deception. In these posts I will focus mainly on the signs that can be revealed through the eyes, but there are many signals in other parts of the body. If you spot 2 or more of these signals you can start to suspect that something is wrong…. Trust your gut feeling and look for inconsistency between what you see and what you hear. Like a good bloodhound you will find the right tracks.

When it comes to avoiding eye contact - look for deviation from the normal behavior. If, for example, a shy person who usually avoids your eyes will speak to you suddenly with an intense glare — it's a major change in his usual behavior that can suggest some sort of deception or stress.

Image Source. Darting eyes can be a stronger signal of stress than simply avoiding eye contact.