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How to create slideshow for the windows 10 desktop find the Properties on Desktop Background? Windows 10 folder background changer?

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How to create a nice slide show with own desktop background, creating a slide show as personal desktop background? Use own image desktop 10? Help, how to make wallpaper or create own custom wallpapers for my desktop computer in , no design skills needed? Create a desktop wallpaper slideshow with own personal set of pictures or images, the images is from a own pictures folder? How to change wallpapers in windows 10 64 bit?

How to find the new features in Windows 10 with the ability to customize the desktop with a wallpaper slideshow?

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Win 10 change the desktop bg background? Find a way to personalize your windows 10 computer and create a desktop slideshow on Windows? How to make folder background in window 10? How to user favorite photo to create an desktop wallpaper changing feature for Microsoft Windows 10 ergo a desktop background slideshow? Windows 10 select background?

Windows 10 password prompt background? Win 10 change background? Can I create a slideshow of desktop wallpaper with my own images from a pictures folder for my new Windows 10? Find in Windows 10 the option to create a personal slideshow for desktop wallpapers, help to Find the feature, which is available on new Windows 10 PC or Tablet PC?

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How to change folder background in win 10? How to customize wallpapers, what I want to have my own slideshow with multiple images from a windows 10 library or folder? Windows 10 Desktop Background Images?

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Want to create a slideshow with cool images and pictures on my windows 10 or 8. Enabling Slideshow is super simple. However, first you want to create a folder with all of your wallpaper that you want cycled. I recommend created a Slideshow folder under the Pictures folder.

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  7. Once created, simply copy and paste or move all your images into that folder. You could even use a OneDrive folder if you please. Remember, these wallpapers sync across all your Windows 10 devices, regardless if the wallpapers are on their drives too.

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    Navigate to your Slideshow folder that you created earlier to specify the directory. Under Change picture every choose your time preference of between 1 minute and 1 day. This selection is how often the OS auto-rotates your wallpaper. I elected for every 10 minutes for my system, but some of you may prefer just once a day.

    The choice is yours! This selection is purely optional. Most people opt for Fit under this setting. Although if you have a smaller wallpaper you may wish to Tile or Stretch. I have to admit, it is rather fun seeing three separate wallpapers cycle on my home PC.

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    By default, the Slideshow feature does not work when a laptop that is unplugged from AC power. The reason should be obvious: power savings. It is not clear just how much energy is wasted in changing the wallpaper especially if it is just once an hour or more. Regardless, by default the OS puts the feature on pause until you plug the computer into a dedicated power source. So if you use Slideshow on your Surface Pro 3 and wonder why it is not changing…well, there you go.

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    You can, however, override this setting very simply using the OS tools. Just be aware that you are likely to impact your battery life, although it does not seem like a drastic action. Here we go! Depending on which power plan is active or all of them choose Change plan settings. Under the section, Desktop background settings double click to expand the tree.

    You now see settings for Slideshow , one for On battery , another for Plugged in. Under On battery change the menu from Paused to Available. Now choose OK. That is it! Now, Slideshow should run on your laptop or Surface regardless of the charging state. If, of course, you notice some worse battery life, you could simply retrace the steps above and put Slideshow back on Paused when on the battery. Finally, for those interested, the background images used in this article are from Michael Gillett MichaelGillett , and you can download it and others here from his OneDrive.

    I also often use the site Deviant Art and search for Windows How to customize your Windows 10 experience. For more resources, don't forget to check our Windows 10 help, tips, and tricks page. Or if you have any questions, you can always count post on our Windows 10 Forums at Windows Central for more help. Microsoft is putting the focus back on OneNote after extending its mainstream support date through