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That is why the registry is set up. So others are protected from the same fate. Yeah well what about the little teens that like to act adult and lie to young men in college or seniors in highschool about there age? What about those young men that have there lives completely destroyed, do they not matter either? It is too vague and yes I agree that to an extent there needs to be a list in place for the TRUE perverts and predators but there are far too many young men that do not deserve a life ruining sentece!

Wake up!!!

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Furthermore if I teeny bopper decides to lie and falsely leads a young man into these situations then there should be consequences for them too. I have seen too many of my college friends and friends even in highschool get destroyed from these situations. Downtown night clubs are terrible for this happening! At 17 years old I had a girl would drove to my home, had a drivers licence that looked real to me, her family was all for us dating, and we even went place with her family.

I was told by her upfront by her she was 16 and she sure looked the age. When I found out she had lied to me about where she had been with a boy I stopped seeing her. Eleven months later she gave birth. I was arrested for Statutory rape.

Sex Offender Registry Unit

The outcome was 20 years in prison or pay for the child for 18 years. The court agreed, I made the best decision for both of us even though I proved the child was not mine. The girl was 14 when she gave birth to the child. I was not allowed to make contact with any of them and until the child turned 21 years of age and found me I never did.

State of North Carolina: Sex Offender Registry

WAS this fair to me? No, but I have a relationship with my beautiful child and her family. No I was not required to resister and the records were sealed, but all three of us were punished. What about the ones that lie? What about courts and society that makes mistakes? What other crimes? You think they want do them again? You are not punishing them for the rest of their lives. This is stupid law and need to be addressed!!!!

I completely agree. Never been to a concert in my life. Nor him. I understand him fearing. I know him. Have known him since before the law did technically.

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All bc the damn government. Excuse me! For him. Bc they judge him before they actually know anything of him more than him charges. We are facin eviction as well. Within the next few weeks we are waiting on the notice. I mean we are broke people. Always have been. Always will be. Have no one to stay with. Will be lucky to ins a place to live or even be allowed to stay til we can get housing assistance IF we can to move away on our own.

Our dogs are our babies. And MANY can relate to that statement. He has one joy: playing guitar. But once that notice hits us.. And all his stuff an mine and our dogs will be on the streets with me. I mean we have a brand new car out in the driveway. No one will take me to apply for housing assistance which makes it all a more pain and struggle.. And also when we get the notice we will really be struggling bc him with no where to go makes him go to jail. An me no where to go and currently have a less than part time minimum wage job being homeless on te streets would be unsanitary and cause me to lose me job.

And being a high school 12th grade drop out is a major screw up on my behalf. He was made to quit school when his charges hit. And neither of us go to GED anymore. All the way 2 r 3 cities over only once or twice a week is enough to make it a lot more struggle on us. Behind almost a complete three months. And a car payment. About to lose it. So no car soon.

get link No home soon. Then no job. I that for a fact. Has to take it down bc we were being harassed and false accusations. And the law just hung up on me when I tried to ask them about it. We need help.. My question is why would you want to date a man that is on a registered sex offenders list??

What is your attraction to a person that has that background?? Are you turned on by that? You could always date a person that has a clean record…. Yeah there is always a chance you take whenever you meet anybody new.. You could find a guy with a Clean record and then his true nature finally gets exposed and he is one of those offenders who had hidden there sickness from everyone..

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Then some people have been convicted or taken a plea who are actually innocent.. Then they are guys that made a bad choice when they was young and have made changes to become a model citizen and would never hate a woman, child etc.. So if a mans true nature is good no matter what is in the past who are we to judge.

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But those who are real predators and rapist have to to be put in a different category and closely watched. Everybody on that registry is not am monster.

About Sexual Assault

You have to look at the circumstances and facts about each individual and then make ur assessment.. Their real self will always shit itself.. Got to know want to look for. Before he offended, we went on the boardwalk behind the local community college to exercise everyday. It became like a ritual to us. Law officers have scared him to death with the sex offender laws. He only viewed bad porn, and it was just ONE corrupt file on Shareaza that he really did not know of the contents of.

However, with his knowledge of computers, he should have known better not to download.