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Florida is currently experiencing a moderately severe influenza season. To find a vaccine, please visit www. Vital Statistics consists of official records of birth, death, fetal death, marriage, and dissolution of marriage. These records are essential for just administration of our law and for the protection of individual rights. In addition, the statistical data from these records are of great value to public health and other agencies.

You may need certified copies of these records for passports, school entrance, employment, proof of citizenship, governmental benefits or insurance. The need for accurate statistical data on epidemics and the causes of death was crucial in establishing our present day vital statistics registration system. Before , some cities enacted ordinances requiring the recording of vital events and provided their own system for doing so.

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The City of Key West has the oldest known records, dating back to A law was enacted in providing for the centralization of marriage and divorce records. Currently, the Bureau of Vital Statistics maintains more than 25 million vital records. If the event you are requesting took place in Florida, you may get certifications from the following specified locations:. You may order a copy of a birth, death or fetal death record through your local County Health Department.

Counties have computer access from to present for birth records and to present for death and fetal death records for the entire state as well as births that occurred in their county. Your Local County Sites.

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Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics To order your certificate from the state office, use the navigation pane on the left to choose your desired certificate, birth, death, marriage or dissolution of marriage divorce. You may complete the state forms online using your computer, print and mail them to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Jacksonville for processing.

The Bureau is open for walk-in service Monday through Friday, a. Eastern Standard Time and phone service until p. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy. It's a New Day in Public Health. Get Your Flu Shot! Family Health Line. What is WIC? Minority Health and Health Equity. The goals of the program are to include Floridians of all ages with disabilities in all of the Department of Health's programs and activities for health promotion, disease prevention, wellness, and disaster preparedness.

Prepare Yourself Tools and resources to help you and your family prepare for any disaster. Office of Medical Marijuana Use Physicians. In the case of an adoption not handled by the department or a child-placing agency licensed by the department, the department must be given notice of hearing and be permitted to present to the court a report on the advisability of disclosing or not disclosing information pertaining to the adoption. In the case of an agency adoption, the licensed child-placing agency must be given notice of hearing and be permitted to present to the court a report on the advisability of disclosing or not disclosing information pertaining to the adoption.

This subsection does not prohibit the department from inspecting and copying any official record pertaining to the adoption that is maintained by the department or from inspecting and copying any of the official records maintained by an agency licensed by the department and does not prohibit an agency from inspecting and copying any official record pertaining to the adoption that is maintained by that agency. In determining whether good cause exists, the court shall give primary consideration to the best interests of the adoptee, but must also give due consideration to the interests of the adoptive and birth parents.

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Factors to be considered in determining whether good cause exists include, but are not limited to:. The reason the information is sought; 2. The existence of means available to obtain the desired information without disclosing the identity of the birth parents, such as by having the court, a person appointed by the court, the department, or the licensed child-placing agency contact the birth parents and request specific information; 3. The desires, to the extent known, of the adoptee, the adoptive parents, and the birth parents; 4.

The age, maturity, judgment, and expressed needs of the adoptee; and 5. The recommendation of the department, licensed child-placing agency, or professional which prepared the preliminary study and home investigation, or the department if no such study was prepared, concerning the advisability of disclosure.

Specific names or identifying information must not be given in a family medical history. Upon the request of the adoptive parents, all nonidentifying information obtained before or after the adoption has become final must be furnished to the adoptive parents. I've been practicing law in Minnesota state and federal courts since I also have a sense of humor. I work hard to get the laws and facts straight in every stateand to keep them regularly updated. If you see something that's not quite right or doesn't fit your experience, let me know with either a quick comment or an email.

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So what happens in the case of a child born in Florida, but the adoption is finalized thru Juarez, Mexico? If there is reason to believe it is a grey-market adoption, does that present any value to the Florida court for the release of the OBC? My adoption was also a grey-market one. I highly doubt that would be relevant in court. Good luck!

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Renee and Gregory - I know your situation is somewhat the opposite, but since your adoption was finalized in NY, did the location of your birth on your birth certificate change? Or does it still say Florida? My father was adopted in , his birth certificate says FL, but we have reason to believe that he was born in NC. Both of his adoptive parents are dead. No, the location of my birth in Florida did not change when my adoption was finalized in NY. The city, name of the hospital, and name of the hospital administrator remained the same.

What changed were my name and all the parent information. Georgia has a really funky law that appears to allow a change of the state but the law specifically says that the birth must be in Georgia. So if you were adopted in when the law allowed adult adoptees acccess to their original birth certificate at 18, would you be able to petition for your BC because their was no expectation of secrecy at the time of the adoption?

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This is a complicated question because it is partially a legal question. I have outlined this issue here , which highlights that adoptees in Florida had unrestricted access to their original birth certificates until and that the change in the law in was not made retroactive. It will take a court to agree with this interpretation but no cases have yet been brought. Hello I am a reunion search angel and am helping someone born in Florida in Would she be the first known person born prior to attempting a copy of her birth record? Not made retroactive. As an adoptee from FL, my wife and daughter gave me a DNA test for fathers day to help with my search.

Thank you for the info. Gavin, please post if you have had any luck with this. I too want to pursue the before ruling. I was born in Orlando in Very similar situation as Gavin. I would definitely like to be a party to this as well. I was born in Florida in and my adoption was finalized in the state of New York six months after my birth. My adoptive parents are deceased, as are my birth father and my birth mother.

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I spoke to a woman in the Adoption Unit of the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics and she told me that if I submit copies of all four death certificates, along with a signed affidavit, I could obtain a copy of my original birth certificate. I am in the process right now of sending for those death certificates.

I have three out of four in hand. What I want to know is, was the information this woman gave me accurate? I was adopted in Florida. I got my adoption papers from my adoption parents. In the state of Florida. Unless I have a good reason to get them and I still have to go though the courts. My adopted dad passed away. My adopted mom still living.

Biological parents have passed. What kind of info do I need to give the courts to get my obc. Or is there any chance of getting them? Florida has a procedure in place that allows you to get your original birth certificate and the adoption report from the court if you want but only if you send in an affidavit from you, your adoptive mom because she is still alive and if you provide death certificates for your birthparents. If you think you can do that, you should call the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics at ext.

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I have since received it. I got mine even with some minor discrepancies in the names. Glad you got it and thanks for letting us know. Now if we can change the law to make it available upon request at age I have a question.. The man who raised me adopted me at the age of four. Do both biological parents have to be deceased in order to try to get my original birth certificate? My mom is still living. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for asking, Donna, and the short and quick answer is no.

To get an OBC in Florida based on consent, you need a combination of consent of a birthparent or proof that the birthparent is deceased. So, in your case, you would need your mother to complete an affidavit allowing release and you would also include the death certificate of your father. I also have a copy of that packet that I could send you. I find step-parent adoptions often the most troubling when it comes to getting an OBC, though on the issue of equality for all of us they are really no different. As adults, our right to our own records should be recognized and upheld.