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Virginia Title Insurance Rate & Transfer Tax Calculator

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What is a Property Title Search?

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Appeal of Assessment Information. Title Insurance rates are not regulated by the State of Virginia, therefore, title rates can vary between title insurers. The State of Virginia has three transfer taxes and two recordation taxes think of the recordation tax as a mortgage tax stamp.

The buyer typically pays the state and county deed transfer tax. The seller pays a transfer tax to the state, also known as the VA Grantor tax. Should there be a mortgage on the property, the buyer will pay a recordation tax to the State of Virginia and the county. Please send me an E-mail if you see an error or want to make a comment.

Virginia Title Insurance Rate & Transfer Tax Calculator

The home seller typically pays the state transfer tax, called the grantor's tax. The seller usually pays this tax if applicable. Veterans Mortage What is a VA loan and how does it work?