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Under the OSS regime, all licenses issued by OSS will only become effective after all license commitments have been fulfilled by the applicant and payment such as PNBP, retribution or other according to applicable regulations are fully paid. How if the business sector is not included in business license that can be submitted through OSS? The location of the business activity must be in accordance with the local Spatial Plan and Zoning.

The selection of place of business or project site is one of the essential issue in the establishment of company including PT PMA. The applicant is required to check and observe the local regulation related to the Spatial Plan and Zoning to ensure that the place of business and project site is not located in the restricted area for the particular line of business.

The designated area is not only provide leniency in the licensing process but also provisions concerning to investment treatment including special treatment on Negative Investment List. If the company is located within the designated SEZ, the company may enjoy dispensation in respect to the restriction under the Negative Investment List in which limitation under the Open Business Fields With Conditions will not be applied to the company in the SEZs, except for business fields reserved for MSMEs and Cooperatives as well as closed business fields for Investment. For the company that already obtained valid principle license, investment license, investment registration, or business license, which are still valid, the NIB is required to be stated in further application for operational or special license.

Application which is submitted both online and offline must be supported with supporting documents as set out in the general requirements for licenses application, namely:. Any application made through the Central PTSP of BKPM will be responded accordingly, in the event that the document requirement is not complete or there is lack of data, the officer at BKPM will immediately return the application along with a detailed record of the verification results. The validity period of a business license is stipulated as long as the company is still carrying out its business activities, unless specified otherwise based on the provisions of the legislation.

LKPM is a report on the development of investment realization and problems faced by business entity. Priority service scheme is provided through the acceleration of business licensing given to PT PMA with investment value of at least IDR billion; or the investment or the project will absorb at least 1, Indonesian workers. However such requirements are excluded for:.

Application for priority services scheme for investment and business license shall be made by the Managing Director of the company to the Central PTSP of BKPM supported with all documents as required under the prevailing laws and regulations. March 20, Negative Investment List DNI DNI is one of the regulation in the frame of the implementation of the Investment Law that defines line of businesses which are open, restricted or open with certain limitation or requirement for investment.

Example: automotive manufacturing car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle , restaurant, etc. Closed Business Fields Business fields which are listed under this section are closed and prohibited for investment activities due to specific reason including but no limited to the conditions where the industry is related to certain controlled substance or the business itself restricted under Indonesian laws.

Establishment under Indonesian Laws As regulated under the Investment Law, any foreign investment in Indonesia must be in the form of a limited liability company PT PMA , duly established under laws of the Republic of Indonesia and domiciled within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, unless otherwise expressly stipulated by the prevailing laws. Clarity on the nationality of the Founders Both the Company Law and the Investment Law requires the clarity on the nationality of the founders for which such detail shall be clearly defined and stated in the Deed of Establishment of the company as well as any of the investment registration application document.

Organizational structure Organizational structure of the PT PMA must fulfil the requirement under the Company Law, namely: Minimum of 2 two shareholders; Established company organ which shall at least consist of: the General Meeting of Shareholders; the Board of Directors with at least 1 one Director; the Board of Commissioners with at least 1 one Commissioner.

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Prohibition on Falsified Information or Data Provision of falsified information or data in connection with the establishment, registration and reporting of the PT PMA are strictly prohibited. Fulfil the investment value and capital requirements to obtain Investment License, namely: asset of IDR 10 billion or more excluding land and buildings of business place, according to the latest financial statements or annual sales of more than IDR 50 billion according to the latest financial statements; total investment value of IDR 10 billion or more excluding land and buildings; issued and paid up capital of at least IDR 2.

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What do you need to know before accessing the OSS? Environmental requirement for the intended business. Certain business activities which have environmental impact is required to obtain Environment Permit, i. What are the conditions regarding the activation of the licenses? Legality on environmental aspects , in the form of Environmental Permits or Environmental Management documents. Application Notification Any application made through the Central PTSP of BKPM will be responded accordingly, in the event that the document requirement is not complete or there is lack of data, the officer at BKPM will immediately return the application along with a detailed record of the verification results.

Application Status Confirmation Application accepted If the establishment request is accepted, the Business License will be issued no later than 3 working days from the receipt of the complete and correct application. Application rejected If the application for establishment is rejected, the Head of BKPM or the appointed official will submit a Rejection Letter no later than 2 two days.

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By default, PhpMyAdmin does a great job. However, it comes with a lot of handy extra extensions which can be easily activated. In this article, we will activate these extensions and see what they can do for us. Before you can continue, please make sure PhpMyAdmin is up and running. After logging in, you will probably notice this message at the bottom of the main panel:. You can activate them by changing the config. Change the username, password and database name to your own liking. All the other config values are table names.

By leaving these blank, you will deactivate these extensions. However, if you want to activate any, I would suggest to keep the same name as I provided above. Depending on your PhpMyAdmin version, not all config values will be available by default. In this case, I used the 4.

PT PMA Priority Services Scheme

Create a database with the name you defined in the config file. Run this SQL file against your newly created database. If you changed any table name in the config above, make sure you change the name of the table here too. Next, we need to create the user with the password we configured.

Establishment of Foreign Investment Company (PT PMA) Indonesia

Run the queries below, with the username and password you defined. When logging in and out of PhpMyAdmin, the message we saw earlier should disappear. By enabling bookmark , you are given the ability to bookmark your queries. When you create a query, you can tick a box to bookmark it.

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Also, when the query has already run, you can bookmark it by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and filling in the bookmark box. Whenever you go to the SQL tab, you will see at the bottom that you can choose between several bookmarked queries. Pick the one you want to use and define if you want to submit, view or delete the query.

The option relation is probably one of the best features I have used in this whole list. If you are using foreign keys, those keys will become clickable. By clicking the foreign key, you will be redirected to the other table, showing the record with that particular key. Also, while adding or editing a record with a foreign key, instead of a text field, you will get a select list with all the possible options.

Seeing a dropdown with all possible values in case of a foreign key is nice. Yet, it would be even better if it would show a certain column instead of the ID. Go to the master table, click on structure and click the relation view link. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, you can define which column to display.

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Whenever I am creating a new record with a foreign key now, the value from the column I picked is now displayed next to the primary key. No longer do you need to remember a key. It is possible to export your relations to PDF.

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Next, open the database you want to export to PDF. Click on the operations tab. Next, click the Edit or export relational schema link and continue. Fill in all fields and click submit. If you completed the form, a PDF will roll out, showing all the data you requested. With column info , you can add comments to column names. This can come in handy when you want to make clear to other people what you are expecting in this column or what it contains. You can do so, by changing the column data. You will notice that a new comment field has been added. If you fill in a comment, the comment will then appear just below the column title.