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Neighborhood Safety. State of Florida average build age 33 Just Value.

ZIP Just Value Non-Homestead Res. Land Value. Owner Name.

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Assessed Value School Dist. Assessed Value Non-School Dist.

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Taxable Value School Dist. Taxable Value Non-School Dist. Land Sq. Improvement Quality.

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Total Living Area. Special Feature Value. Neighbors' Age Distribution The graph shows the distribution of age groups in the neighborhood based on data for the households located nearby.

GIS Mapping Applications

She has made it possible to submit documents for recording electronically, and is in the process of making it possible to view all documents online through the Gila County website. Sadie has broadened the exposure to vote-by-mail and early voting by raising public awareness through informative public speeches and voter registration drives.

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She has implemented Kids Voting into schools all over Gila County from grades K, along with visiting every high school to inform students of the importance of voting, voting history, Gila County elected officials, and hands on voter registration assistance. Parcels View parcel information.

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Overdue Property Taxes View which parcels have overdue property taxes and unsold liens. Historical Aerials View various years of aerial imagery for Maricopa County dating back to Permits View building permits, variance cases, violation cases and zoning cases in unincorporated Maricopa County.