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The new law will allow for Male, Female and X as acceptable options. Please visit the Gender Designation Change on a Birth Certificate page to access instructions and forms. State law restricts access to the registrant's immediate family members or those who represent tangible proof of legal interest in the requested record.

We do not accept credit cards or online orders; however, for your convenience, you may apply online through VitalChek, an independent company that we have partnered with to provide you this service.

Ordering a Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificate

We are now offering two options for ordering certificates through VitalChek. Additional service and shipping fees apply. You don't have to mail your request or travel to Santa Fe to obtain birth certificates! Requests for death certificates must be ordered through the Santa Fe Office.

Simply visit our Public Health Offices page and search for a public health office near you which offers the Vital Records service. Due to limited staffing in some offices we recommend calling the Public Health Office before you go to insure that they are available to issue birth certificates, as some offices have limited days and hours.

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  2. Order Official Kentucky Birth Certificates Online From Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics..
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  4. Birth Certificates can be ordered online!

Please call to place an order by phone. Processing time is business days for a United Parcel Service UPS overnight delivery request and 2 weeks for a regular online request plus mail time back to the customer. Note the following restrictions when ordering online or by phone through online vendor VitalChek: Birth Records - Individuals can request their own birth record or a record of their child.

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For records filed prior to June 1, , please contact the Probate Court in the county where the mother resided at the time of signing, or the Probate Court in the county where the child was born. Click here to Order a birth, death, marriage or divorce record online using a debit or credit card. Send order form by regular mail. Payment by money order or check. Send order form by any overnight delivery service.

Pay with a money order. May include prepaid, preaddressed return envelope. Office Hours: Monday - Friday, a.

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  • Submit orders at self-service kiosks. Vital records are the legal records documenting a vital event, such as a birth, death, marriage, Oregon Registered Domestic Partnership, divorce, or fetal death.


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    Birth certificates are the primary documents used to establish identity. The Center for Health Statistics has birth and death records dating from , marriage records from , and divorce certificates not decrees from Your browser is out-of-date!

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