Mom finds booze in car

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Based on the data, researchers estimated that half of the men and more than a third of the women who drank on their birthdays experienced blood alcohol levels of 0. While researchers say it's possible some students overstated how much they actually drank, the consistency of the answers suggests that students are consuming large quantities of alcohol when they celebrate a 21st birthday. Alcohol researchers have been searching for ways to curb the extreme drinking common on the 21st birthday.

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  • Mom catches 13-year-old son driving her new BMW to his girlfriend's house.

One concern is that interest in the ritual appears to be spreading because drinkers who attempt or succeed at downing 21 drinks post videos and photos of the drinking binges on YouTube or Flickr or social networking sites like MySpace. One of the biggest worries about the ritual is alcohol poisoning. The body's ability to metabolize alcohol depends on several factors, including gender, weight, the type of alcohol, whether the person vomits during the binge and the time period during which the alcohol is consumed. But in some cases, as few as 10 drinks can push blood alcohol levels to 0.

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Although the death is still under investigation, it's believed he may have attempted to drink 21 shots to celebrate at a Waupun, Wis. A friend who brought him home said he had "10 or 12 shots,'' although his parents have since been told different stories about how much alcohol was consumed.

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What is known is that his family found him unresponsive at 4 a. Waupun police chief Dale Heeringa said he couldn't comment on the details of the investigation until the medical examiner's report is finished. He said Mr.

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Drews did not finish 21 shots, although he did consume "a significant amount of alcohol. Jesse's mother, Jody Drews, said her son had been reluctant to go out that night but relented after friends persuaded him. He returned home around a. Drews checked on him throughout the night, including around a.

Built-In Car Device to Prevent Drunk Driving Could Become Standard Soon

Drews said. I hope anybody who goes into a bar and sees this happening will say something. Clayton Neighbors, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington Center for the Study of Health and Risk Behaviors in Seattle, is studying Internet-based interventions he hopes will convince more young people to moderate their drinking on their 21st birthdays. First posted January 01, More stories from Western Australia.

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