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Deed restrictions do not apply to property owned by Texas Southern University. Easement, article XVI, section 59 water district may lease excess capacity in fiber-optics cable installed in to private telecommunications company to operate pipeline. Ellis County sale of former supercollider property, requirements applicable to.

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Enforceability of economic development corporation's right of reverter in a deed conveying a fee simple determinable to an agency of the State. Exchange of state land for private land, permissible only if authorized by legislature. Fair market value of city-owned lakeshore lot where purchaser is lessee. Forfeited property subject to administration under article Forfeiture of real property to state-property exempt from taxation while title is in state. Free speech, transitory use of state-owned real property for expressive activity protected under state and federal constitutions is not an entrustment of state property for purposes of appropriations act prohibition.

In Education Code subsection Independent school district trustees, authority to develop leased land. Junior college district's authority to enter into long-term lease with religious organization that would construct student center, chapel, and other facilities on campus.

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Land purchased by community college is not "school land" for purposes of article VII, section 6 of Texas Constitution, and may be sold or leased to private foundation only if particular use is a condition of sale. Lease of county coliseum for concession with provision allowing assignment of contract and option to extend lease term, county's authority to enter into. Lease of office space, findings that commissioners court must make to lease vacant office space to title company for certain functions and to permit private attorney to practice in the space.

Long term lease of school district land to private entity, an independent school district has implied authority to lease school land to a private entity, but in leasing school property the board of trustees may not i permit uses of the property that wou. Municipal hospital authority, permissibility of lease of real property to a private entity to operate a bank, restaurant, or drugstore. Municipal park land, authority of municipality to sell, standing of private individual to challenge sale.

Municipal park land, municipality may not convey to University of Texas for less than fair market value.

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Municipal utility system, municipality need not reimburse ratepayers if it diverts real property originally purchased for expansion of. Municipality's lease of its mineral property, subchapter A, chapter 71 of the Natural Resources Code irreconcilably conflicts with section New school development, authority of independent school district trustees to pay impact fees. Park land, conveyance by municipality to hospital district. Permanent school fund, statute authorizing General Land Office to select a tract of state-owned land to place in exchange for tract to be patented out lacks sufficient standards to be constitutional delegation of authority.

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Permanent University Fund land leased for grazing, whether water improvement district may tax. Public beach, legality of operation of an all terrain vehicle or recreational off highway vehicle. Public road, abandonment of by vote of commissioners court vests title in abutting property owners. Publicly owned property used for public purposes, the Karnes County Correctional Center is exempt from ad valorem taxation if center is.

Real property acquired by condemnation, federal government may change public use of. Resale of property purchased at tax sale, county may conduct private. Sale of building located on a city street to a private entity. School district agreement to improve property not owned or leased by school district, operation of statute prohibiting. State Highway within the State Cemetery, the State Cemetery Committee is to determine in the first instance and subject to judicial review the exact scope of its operational authority, and whether that authority necessarily includes the power to regulate bicycles on.

State land federal government wishes to lease, whether special act of the legislature is required to convey.

Areas covered by these Mineral Deed Forms:

State land, authority of governor to convey to federal government to construct a federal courthouse. Lane, Suite , Houston, Texas or at such other time, date and place as Seller and Purchaser may agree upon in writing. Purchaser shall be solely responsible for recording the Instrument of Conveyance in the Hardin County, Texas, official records and for the cost of the filing fees of that recordation.

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In that event, the obligations and actions of the parties in respect of the Gulf Fee Leases, after the Closing shall be governed by the provisions of Section 0. When the consents are obtained, then Seller shall, as promptly thereafter as possible, assign the appropriate interest in and to the Gulf Fee Leases to Purchaser, and Purchaser shall, upon being furnished a recorded counterpart of the Instrument of Conveyance conveying the same to Purchaser, pay Seller an amount equal to the amount by which the Promissory Note was reduced, pursuant to Section 0.

Purchaser may, but shall not be obligated to, waive the obligation to obtain such consent, but the waiver shall not be effective unless a written waiver is in effect and both parties have executed counterparts thereof, and Purchaser may condition its waiver upon such requirements as it may desire. If Seller acquires replacement or new oil and gas leases, Seller shall not place any new or additional burdens thereon beyond the royalties or other burdens which are currently in place thereon.

On May 1, , the Released Acreage, or portion thereof, not theretofore leased or re-acquired by Seller and assigned to Purchaser shall automatically be included within the terms and provisions of Article XVI. For the purposes of this Section 9. All covenants, agreements, representations and warranties of Seller under this Agreement, in all events subject to the limitations and qualifications set forth herein, shall survive the Closing and the delivery of the Instrument of Conveyance and shall remain effective, as limited and qualified herein or in the Instrument of Conveyance, without regard to any investigation at any time made by or on behalf of Purchaser, or of any information Purchaser may have with respect thereto and shall not be merged into the Instrument of Conveyance except to the extent included within the Instrument of Conveyance, nor any other documents or instruments executed and delivered at the Closing or at any time after the Closing Date.

Except as specifically provided otherwise in this Agreement or an Exhibit or Schedule hereto, any notices, claims, requests, demands and other communications required or permitted to be given hereunder shall be in writing, and may be given by personal delivery, by courier, by mail, by electronic mail or by facsimile machine addressed to the party to whom such notice is directed. A notice shall be effective as follows: if by personal delivery, upon the receipt thereof; if by courier service, upon receipt by the receiving party from the courier service; if by mail, three days after delivery thereof to the postal authorities, all first class postage pre paid; if by electronic mail or facsimile machine, upon confirmation by the transmitting party from the receiving party that such electronic mail or facsimile was received.

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SideKick Exploration, L. Costilla Drive. Aurora, Colorado Main Telephone Number: Fax Number: E-mail: danstreets comcast. Warren M. Vanguard Energy Corporation. Suite Los Angeles, California E-mail: wdillard enercorenergy. Houston, Texas Telephone: Fax number: Email: trb explorationlaw. Purchaser may, with the prior written consent of Seller which consent will not be unreasonably withheld , assign any or all of its obligations and rights hereunder to a third party, which may or may not be an Affiliate of Purchaser.

No representation, promise, inducement or statement of intention has been made by Seller or Purchaser which is not embodied in this Agreement or in the documents referred to herein, and neither Seller not Purchaser shall be bound by or liable for any alleged representation, promise, inducement or statement of intention not so set forth. Any attempted oral modification or written modification, except as specifically set forth herein shall be void, ab initio and shall not be construed as, nor shall it be, a modification of this Agreement.

Under these circumstances, the parties agree that the rule of construction that a contract be construed against the drafter may not be applied in interpreting this Agreement. In making proof of this Agreement it shall not be necessary to produce nor to account for all counterparts hereof, and it shall be sufficient to produce but one counterpart original hereof executed by the party sought to be charged thereby. Upon the receipt by the originating party of a fully executed counterpart, whether the same be in facsimile or electronic form, the Agreement shall then be deemed to be executed and effective.

The parties may, but shall not be required to, exchange counterparts bearing original signatures, but the date of execution shall be deemed to be the date upon which the originating party received the fully executed counterpart.

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Streets, Manager. Date: Dillard, President. Vanguard Sidekick Purch Agree Hooks, et al. Newton, as lessee, recorded, recorded in Volume , Pages , et seq. Maker : Vanguard Energy Corporation, a Colorado corporation. Costilla Drive, Aurora, Colorado , or such other address from time to time designated in writing by Payee or the holder hereof. Terms of Payment principal and interest : This Real Estate Lien Note shall mature fully and all principal and accrued and unpaid interest shall be due and payable ninety 90 days after the Date set forth as the first item above.

Prepayment Privilege : The Maker may prepay all of any part of this Real Estate Lien Note at any time before the maturity date without penalty. Any partial prepayment s shall be applied first to any accrued but unpaid interest hereunder, with the balance, if any, of such prepayment s to be applied to the outstanding principal due hereunder. Norwood, Trustee, with an address at Travis, Suite , Liberty, Texas on the following described Property, to wit:. All unpaid amounts shall be due on or before the maturity date set forth in Terms of Payment principal and interest above.

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  8. Waiver by Maker : On default in the payment of this Real Estate Lien Note or in the performance of any obligation in any instrument securing or collateral to it including specifically, but not limited to, the Deed of Trust , the unpaid principal balance and earned interest on this Real Estate Lien Note shall become immediately due at the election of Payee.

    Maker and each surety, endorser and guarantor waive all demands for payment, presentation for payment, notices of intention to accelerate maturity, notices of acceleration of maturity, protests, notices of protest and notices of acceleration.

    chistyshifaclinic.com/media/74/sagittarius-weekly-tarot-january-4-2019.php Page A Nonusury : Interest on the debt evidenced by this Real Estate Lien Note shall not exceed the maximum amount of nonusurious interest that may be contracted for, taken, reserved, charged, or received under law; any interest in excess of that maximum amount shall be credited on the principal of the debt or, if that has been paid, refunded. On any acceleration or required or permitted prepayment, any such excess shall be cancelled automatically as of the acceleration or prepayment or, if already paid, credited on the principal of the debt or, if the principal of the debt has been paid, refunded.

    This provision overrides other provisions in this and all other instruments concerning the debt. Nouns and Pronouns : When the context requires, singular nouns and pronouns include the plural. Right to Determine Order of Application of Payments From Default Remedies : Notwithstanding the existence of any other security interest in the Property held by Payee or by any other party, Payee shall have the right to determine the order in which any or all of the Property shall be subjected to the remedies provided herein.

    Payee shall have the right to determine the order in which any or all of the portions of the indebtedness are satisfied from the proceeds realized upon the exercise of the default remedies. Maker, any party who consents to this Real Estate Lien Note or any party who now or hereafter acquires a security interest in the Property and who has actual or constructive notice hereof hereby waives any and all right to require the marshalling of assets in connection with the exercise of any of the remedies permitted by applicable law or provided herein.

    Payment of Taxes : From and after the date of this Real Estate Lien Note, Maker shall be liable for and shall timely pay all ad valorem , personal property, and other taxes, if any, as they become due on the Property during the full term of this Real Estate Lien Note. Maker acknowledges and agrees that the tax payments required herein are separate and apart from and do not in any way relate to the required payments of principal and interest or other amounts due hereunder, and that such tax payments are due in addition to such principal, interest or other payments to Payee as may be required hereunder.