Man arrested for feeding homeless in california

City officials said the ordinance was a way to protect the public from hepatitis A, but critics have called it a punitive measure to dehumanize and criminalize the homeless.

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About 40 more people, including several lawyers, also were there, but not actively passing out food. Those who were handing out food were given a misdemeanor citation, including a year-old child.

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They also have partnered with a second group called Food Not Bombs that has food-sharing events. Police officers arrested at least a dozen people for feeding the homeless at an El Cajon city park.

LA's Rules About Where Homeless People Are Allowed To Sit And Sleep Could Get Even More Complicated

The group—part of a larger effort of around 50 people—were acting as part of civil disobedience to a local ordinance that banned the sharing of food on public property. City officials, however, insisted that the ban on food sharing is solely in response to a local outbreak of Hepatitis A and is in place for public safety. Nine of the people arrested face misdemeanor charges, a city official confirmed to Fox 5.

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Dreher claimed those charged will petition to have their citations tossed. The A.

Is Prison Adequate Housing? I just hope that there is a little bit of Mitch Snyder in all of us which keeps our eyes on the prize of stopping this injustice of homelessness in our midst. Voluntary Hunger in Protest of Involuntary Hunger It is important that we remember what hangs in the balance. In the past, the anti-hunger and poverty movement has responded in a multitude of ways. One of those is known as a hunger fast or strike to draw public awareness to the issues the poor face and create policy change. Tourism vs. Homelessness Rather than providing day and night shelter services during the summer months, tourist cites do their best to move out homeless out of visible downtown locations. Homeless people are seen as bad for both tourism and economic development.

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When faced with a situation that caused confusion, law enforcement at the scene chose brutal force to subdue Mr. Membership Matters There are very real and important reasons why homelessness in America grew to such crisis levels during our lifetime and why it continues to exist today.

El Cajon police arrest 9 people for feeding the homeless - Jan. 14th, 2018

There are also a number of basic ways that each of us can help locally to prevent, reduce and end homelessness nationwide.