Laws on common law marriage in texas

Couples in Common Law Marriages have the Same Legal Rights as Officially Married Couples

The court does not rely on any specific number of years as proof of cohabitating. Another example includes signing a legally binding document, such as a mortgage or personal credit application, and indicating themselves as a married couple. Because a common law marriage has the same legal status of a formal marriage, common law couples who wish to dissolve their union must seek a formal divorce.

There is one difference, however. The couple must prove to the court that they were in a common law marriage.

How do I establish a common law marriage?

The person who initiates the divorce proceedings typically has to prove the existence of the marriage. If you have further questions about common law marriage, or want to know whether you were actually in a common law marriage with your spouse, sit down for a discussion with family law attorney Daniella Lyttle of the Lyttle Law Firm. Call our offices today at , or use our contact form to schedule a consultation.

Everything You Should Know about Common Law Marriages in Texas

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To prove the existence of a common-law marriage, both people must meet these requirements:. Couples have many reasons to live together for years at a time without having a formal wedding. Perhaps the time went by and legal procedures got lost along the way. Whatever the case, a common-law marriage or informal marriage, in legal jargon can provide the same rights and responsibilities as a formal marriage.

Common Law Marriage States

With an informal marriage license, both spouses can have the same rights as a married couple. This means health care, property, child custody, tax, and inheritance rights follow the same laws. Should one spouse die without a recognized marriage in place, you might not be seen as a spouse in the eyes of the state and could spend months in legal battles you could ultimately lose.

With no informal marriage license , breaking up could be devastating. Without legal protections in place, laws that dictate how property and assets are split will not apply.

There are many persistent myths about common law marriage. A common misconception is that if a couple lives together for seven years or longer, they are considered common law married.

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This is not true in Texas. There is no relationship duration requirement for common law marriage in Texas.

Understanding Common Law Marriage in Texas

Rather, there are a few simple, yet critical, requirements that separate couples in common law marriages from couples who simply live together. To schedule a consultation with an experienced Austin divorce lawyer, please fill out the form below. Same sex and heterosexual couples can enter common law marriages. In order to enter a common law marriage in Texas, a couple must meet the following criteria:.