Kentucky law on 1st offense dui

DUI and BAC Facts

These aggravating circumstances will definitely increase your penalties. For example, Kentucky law will not allow a driver that has a DUI conviction with aggravating circumstances to plead down their jail sentence to serve a shorter term.

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In addition, a DUI conviction will remain on your record for 5 years. If you receive a second DUI conviction, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device. The best and safest way to avoid a DUI conviction is to avoid getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Kentucky DUI Laws – Alcohol Drunk Driving Laws & Penalties

Things to consider when drinking include:. Getting behind the wheel after drinking is dangerous. The only thing that can actually sober you up after drinking is time to allow your body to process and eliminate the alcohol. Before you drive, you should consider the risks.

Try designating a driver or calling a cab to avoid getting behind the wheel.

Kentucky First Offense for Misdemeanor DUI

Implied Consent Law Kentucky is an implied consent state. The list of consequences includes: Jail time Vehicle impound Loss of drivers license Criminal charges Paying fines Completing a screening assessment and possible placement in a drug or alcohol program Each DUI offense will result in incrementally higher fines, more jail time, and more severe consequences.

Share this article:. You may only drive for limited reasons.

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  • Although there are limited exceptions, generally speaking, do not agree to any blood alcohol testing whether it is breath, blood or urine. Refuse, politely, all field sobriety testing whether mental or physical. Simply put, choose to refuse all testing.

    First DUI: What You Should Know

    Do not talk to the police officer about anything other than your statistical data such as name, age, address, birth date and the like. This information can frequently be used in motions filed by knowledgeable lawyers to suppress critical, damaging evidence. This can lead to an amended charge or lesser penalties.

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    Pleading Guilty to a First Time DUI

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