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Also, when a person is incarcerated additional charges may come in from other jurisdictions which could affect the total amount of the bail.

Sheriff's Office

When you prepare to post bail, please check in advance with the Records Office or to be certain that you are aware of all currently lodged charges and the total amount needed bails and fees. A warrant check will be conducted prior to posting any current lodged bails. We only accept personal credit cards for bails, NO business credit cards can be used.

The person posting the bail must have current valid government ID ie Driver's license matching the name on the credit card. Credit Cards with out a name on it ie starter cards will not be accepted.

Real Estate Bails are only conducted Mondays through Friday excluding weekends and holidays from 8 a. Your property must be in the state of New Jersey only. It is your option to hire a Bail Bond Agency to post the bail. You can find phone listings for Bail Bond Agencies in the yellow pages of the telephone book or the internet. Torrence had simply been walking home, and that the police statement did not describe any specific actions he had taken. But the prosecutor, David Chiu, said Mr.

Credit Cards

Torrence had been spotted from a helicopter throwing rocks and bricks at firefighters. Chiu said. The practice of requiring money to be posted before release did not become widespread until the 20th century. Bail conditions are not supposed to be punitive.

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They are supposed to impose as little restriction as is needed to reasonably ensure that a defendant appears in court. In practice, though, Baltimore public defenders say, judges here assume the defendant is guilty when setting bail, a particular problem in areas where the police focus disproportionately on African-Americans and when they bring charges backed by thin evidence. In the protests spurred by Mr. Fewer than were charged with a crime. A spokeswoman for the Maryland courts declined to make any judges available for an interview, saying they were prohibited from discussing their deliberations.

The mother came to court, prepared to testify that she had never complained of such an incident and that she did not even have a screen door. At another hearing, a year-old man, also with clean record, was charged with breaking into a house and attacking his sister. His lawyer said that the man actually lived in the house, and that the sister, who was mentally ill and had since been arrested on an attempted murder charge, had recanted her story to police.

Detention based on questionable evidence is not limited to Baltimore. In Chilton County, Ala.

The grand jury declined to indict him. In at least one of the Baltimore protest arrests, the judge was presented with abundant evidence. Nonetheless, on May 7 Mr. Bullock was released, his bond posted anonymously. No amount of money, they say, should buy the freedom of someone who is truly dangerous.

By the same token, the inability to pay should not keep defendants who pose little risk locked up. Instead, they should be released using a range of nonfinancial conditions like GPS monitors, pretrial supervision similar to probation , or even unsecured bonds. With unsecured bonds, a defendant is released without having to pay but owes money if he or she fails to appear in court. The use of risk assessments is also supported by law enforcement groups that include the National Sheriffs Association and the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys. As an example of a model system, advocates for change point to Washington, D.

Why So Many African Americans Get Stuck In Jail, In One Chart – ThinkProgress

None have been adopted — in part, said Mr. DeWolfe, the public defender, because of opposition from the powerful bail bond industry. Equal Justice Under Law , a civil-rights group based in Washington, has been trying a novel legal tactic to dismantle money bail: going after jurisdictions that use bail fee schedules, in which the amount of bail is fixed based on the offense instead of the flight risk or public safety concerns resulting in the unconstitutional imprisonment of people solely because they cannot pay.

In one of the suits, against the town of Clanton, Ala. Two cases in St. The case was settled on June 3, when Velda City, Mo. The bail bond industry asserts that alternatives to money bail can be just as burdensome on the poor. Some jurisdictions charge defendants for ankle monitors or drug abuse classes, and a mistake can land them in more trouble, said Nicholas J. Wachinski, the executive director of the American Bail Coalition, an industry group.

Staying in touch with someone in prison

Wachinski said. Another problem is that many states do not give judges the option of preventive detention; in Baltimore, for example, it can be used only in very limited circumstances. So judges often do what Judge Sweeney did in Mr. Even judges who have seen bail-related horror stories say money bail is necessary. That is money they can never recover. Innocent or guilty, defendants can remain in hock to their bondsmen for years.

One year-old woman said she had been falsely accused repeatedly of serious crimes including armed robbery and kidnapping by an abusive ex-boyfriend, a former police officer adept at using law enforcement to punish her.