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It has the finest competition record in the history of tin top racing and the ledgers show it has won more international races, rallies and hill climb championships than any other car. The road going version has gone down in the history books as the most flattering saloon car chassis of all time. Whenever you get into an E30 M3, it feels like it was made especially for you and the standard factory set up gives you huge confidence. When we started the Classic Heroes collection, it was impossible for us not to have an E30 M3 in the stable.

BMW Group Classic: History

In fact, it was the second car we added. The car you see here is Chassis No.

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The BMW Brand - History

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Soon enough, BMW saw huge potential in the field of automobile manufacturing and then began producing automobiles in Soon enough, the company attempted to introduce a new front axle on both their Dixi and Wartburg models, but due to construction faults most of the prototypes ended up in series accidents. However, in , the company got back in the game and manufactured the which used the new M78 engine. Later on, throughout the 30s, newer models of the were created, including the , , , and the most popular being the Brescia Grand Prix.

However, due to the impending war in , BMW shifted its interest to manufacturing military vehicles. By , the most famous vehicle of all time, the BMW V8 super made its debut, which allowed the company to enhance its reputation worldwide. In , BMW introduced a muscle car, which made the company the largest money earner at that time.

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Therefore, in , the company shifted to a new location with a larger plant and began production of motorcycles in Berlin. Additionally, BMW established its own museum of aircraft engines and traditional hit cars. Not to mention, it was during this time the 5 series, 3 series , 7 series, and 6 series vehicles were introduced in the market, which is still in production.

In the 80s, BMW began production in Regensburg and the company was operating efficiently all over the world.

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