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Most of these errors also give the section negative connotation. My understanding is that you set your Age to 15, and then it will enable a private profile.

MySpace Profile Set Up Tips : How to Hide the MySpace Music Player

Although there is a way to accomplish privacy without risking your account: [3] Does anyone happen to know the myspace userbox code? I've seen one or two before but I can't seem to find the code on the list of user boxes. The references section doesn't seem to be being kept updated, and thus there's some references which are no longer cited. I think the numbering is quite messed up too Changed the words "racial minorities" to "different races". It's unfortionate when people think that racism only affects minorities. If somebody can think of a better way to word that sentance, that's cool.

Aparntly there was a 15 year old who posted on Myspace for someone to call the police to his house. Any more info. I know they made fun of it on ytmnd. We talked about this a little bit earlier. Just to let you know, many bulletins that dictate users to circulate them are mostly just hoaxes, in fact most bulletins people put on the bulletin board of MySpace are the aforementioned hoax letters.

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I just wanted to warn some Wikipedians not to circulate those hoaxes and that people should only post bulletins if they have something important to say that isn't a hoax. In the introduction section of this article, there is the following statement: "As of March it is the world's fifth most popular English-language website and the eighth most popular in the world according to Alexa Internet[1].

Well, which one is it? Is it the fifth most popular or the eighth? It said There are over 67 million users on myspace. This is untrue for there are actualey 67million registered accounts. I myself made a myspace when it first came out just to look at pictures and then i made one for myself to be with friends and the other day i made one so i could look at pictures when i was at the library.

This makes the number a lot lower and a lot less accurate. So i changed it to say there are 67 million registered accounts. Why some users said the sentence: "Thanks for the add"? Does anyone the technology behind myspace. Is it php , mysql, did they custom write the site or use an off-the-shelf script.. Given the number of qualifiers that have to be added to the Alexa ranking, should it and the lengthy explanation be included in the first paragraph? I'm getting writer's block when I try myself. Kalo , 26 April UTC. The following topic has come up quite a few times in several blogs.

According to myspace.

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This has strong reprocussions with musicians. I compared this to blogger who stated that the user owns the content and they reserve a "fair-use" right to display a small portion of your blog to promote your blog or blogger's services. It reads like a sales pitch. Drcwright , 27 April UTC. It doesn't flow as well now, but I edited it to at least seem as if News Corporation didn't come up with the intro. This is the generally the site to go when trying to find out which MySpacers have died recently.. I've posted it upon the Obituary article's external links, but do you think such a link is relevant herein?

I think an article on MyDeathSpace. Chavila , 20 June UTC. I think this should be mentioned in the article on MySpace, it highlights the sub culture surrounding the so called "myspace generation". Can somebody tell me how MySpace could be far worse than LiveJournal? I frankly don't understand why the blazes MS gets blocked off far more than LJ, when LJ still has at least nearly the amount of obscenity MS has if not more or just as much, and a lot of drama to go with it. I agree that MySpace is the most frequently bashed of them all. To add my own point, it is spread all over on the news about "so and so" age usally was killed by "so and so" after meeting on MySpace.

But first, could you get my camera from my windowless white van? Yes, but Xanga, Live Journal, etc. Just thought that the fact that MySpace was able to spread fear among students and their parents might be interesting, though might seem point of view even though I'm not against MySpace. I think that all you people should just chill out. Not all kids are stupid enough to actually listen to what goes on on Myspace. You should trust your kids and know that you have raised them better then that. I'm a teenager and I'm not stupid enough to post where I live and my home phone number.

Most of the time I don't even really tell people how I really look; I lie about that too. Just believe that your kids know better and let them be happy. Should we put a little thing in about porn robots who message people and send add requests? I am getting these with alarming increasing frequency. In my book, it has gotten worse. I don't know about anyone else, but I've gotten "add me" requests from porn robots a day of late, and I never used to get any.

Even when there were a few it was more like 4 or 5 requests a week. It's driving me nuts! But I guess until somebody writes a citable source this won't really feel encyclopedic to me to be mentioned in the main article. I just wish there was some way it could get resolved.

There are many musicians who are concerned with the MySpace Terms of Service as it relates to their copyright. I don't see how what I wrote is not NPOV; however if it is, feel free to fix it or tell me what you find non-neutral. But it is a controversy amoungst users and is well documented enough for inclusion.

I have reverted and added more references, please post with whatever problem you have with this section. This section, though quite important in discussing this phenomenon, is continually being altered to include not only profiles that are not myspace celebrities, or up and rising celebrities which is quite hard to put guidelines to what qualifies as being one but also the profiles that keep being added Angela Artillery and Mickee Ltd. The criteria I came up with is having over 15, friends as a non-music and non-film profile, and having over , as a music or film profile, and also having their fame created by Myspace i.

It seems to be written by and for MySpace users. And I'm talking about the ones without public profiles. For example:. From bands, to celebrities, to exotic car dealers, many people have found MySpace to be an invaluable tool for advocating their goods and services. There are automated tools known as bots to help aid in increasing ones reach on MySpace. These bots have proven to be effective, yet annoying for many users.

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What's "increasing ones SIC reach"? How do the bots serve as an advertising tool?

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To someone who's never used MySpace it makes very little sense. Although comments are publicly acccessible, many users leave personal comments anyway, allowing any reader to know their business. Many MySpace users will choose to moderate comments, meaning they must be approved in order to be viewed by the public. Comments, once posted, may then be deleted by the host of that myspace profile or the person who posted the comment for further editing.