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R 98 min Biography, Crime, Thriller. Director: Scott L. A child rapist and cannibal, he boasted that he "had children in every state, and at one time put the figure at around However, it is not clear whether he was talking about rapes or cannibalization, less still as to whether he was telling the truth.

He was a suspect in at least five murders in his lifetime. Fish confessed to three murders that police were able to trace to a known homicide, and he confessed to stabbing at least two other people. He was put on trial for the kidnapping and murder of Grace Budd, and was convicted and executed by electric chair. R 82 min Biography, Crime, Drama. He sent letters describing the details of the killings to police and to local news outlets during the period of time in which the murders took place. After a long hiatus in the s through early s, Rader resumed sending letters in , leading to his arrest and subsequent conviction.

He is serving 10 consecutive life sentences at El Dorado Correctional Facility, with an earliest possible release date of February 26, Director: Charles B.

Votes: 6, The murders occurred in and around the city of Texarkana, which sits astride the border between Texas and Arkansas. The attacks took place at approximately three-week intervals. Not Rated 92 min Drama, Crime, Thriller. A woman marries her boyfriend on his deathbed for his money so she can move on to the next guy.

When he turns up mysteriously ill the police step in and investigate the strange circumstances. Jackson , Grace Zabriskie. She was convicted of killing her boyfriend by slipping arsenic into his food, and is suspected of killing three other people and nearly killing another in the same manner. R 97 min Crime, Drama, Thriller.

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In the end of the 70's, the dysfunctional Kenneth Bianchi lives with his mother and is obsessed with joining the police force. When his application is refused, his mother sends him to Los Director: Chuck Parello Stars: C. They committed their crimes in the hills above Los Angeles, California. This drama takes you into the mind of one of the UK's most notorious serial killers, while using archive news footage.

We are shown his formative years, the biggest manhunt in police R 85 min Thriller. He is also charged in the deaths of an additional twenty women, many of them prostitutes and drug users from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. In December he was sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole for 25 years —the longest sentence available under Canadian law for murder. K 98 min Crime, Drama, History. The real-life story of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen, who was hanged in London in for poisoning his wife so he could be with his young lover.

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But was he truly guilty of murder? Crippen, was an American homeopathic physician hanged in Pentonville Prison, London, on November 23, , for the murder of his wife, Cora Henrietta Crippen. He was the first criminal to be captured with the aid of wireless communication.

Not Rated 98 min Biography, Drama, History. A 17th century Hungarian countess embarks on a murderous undertaking, with the belief that bathing in the blood of virgins will preserve her beauty. Votes: 7, Although in modern times she has been labeled the most prolific female serial killer in history, the number of murders and even her guilt is debated.

She is nevertheless remembered as the "Blood Countess. Elizabeth herself was neither tried nor convicted. Nilsen killed at least fifteen men and boys in gruesome circumstances between and , and was known to retain corpses for sex acts. He was eventually caught after his disposal of dismembered human entrails blocked his household drains: the drain cleaning company found that the drains were congested with human flesh and contacted the police.

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Owing to the similarities between their crimes, sexuality and lifestyle, Nilsen has been referred to as the "British Jeffrey Dahmer. R 95 min Crime, Horror, Thriller. Richard Ramirez, aka the Nightstalker, who terrorized people in Los Angeles during the s, and the police had no clue with him. TV 87 min Crime, Drama. She served four years of a year sentence before the murder conviction was overturned on October 3, Raffaele Sollecito, Knox's boyfriend at the time of the murder, was also accused of the murder and had his conviction overturned on appeal.

The jury upheld Knox's calunnia conviction for falsely implicating bar owner Patrick Lumumba. For this Knox was sentenced to three years in prison, which she had already served, and was ordered to pay Lumumba's court costs of about 22, euros. R min Crime, Drama, Mystery. David Marks was suspected but never tried for killing his wife Katie who disappeared in , but the truth is eventually revealed.

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Her case remained unsolved for eighteen years when New York State Police reopened the criminal investigation. On December 24, , Durst's long-time friend, Susan Berman, who was believed to have knowledge of McCormack's disappearance, was found murdered execution-style in her Benedict Canyon California house. Durst was questioned in both cases but not charged. In , Durst was arrested in Galveston, Texas, shortly after body parts of his senior neighbor, Morris Black, were found floating in Galveston Bay, but he was released on bail.

Durst missed his court hearing and was declared the nation's first billion-dollar fugitive. R min Crime, Drama, Thriller. An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice. Based on actual events. Votes: 52, Between and , Hansen murdered between 17 and 21 women near Anchorage, Alaska. R min Adventure, Drama, Mystery. A friendship between two young men is tested when they go for a hike in a desert and forget to bring any water or food with them. Kodikian later pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and served 16 months.

He was released in November R 98 min Crime, Mystery, Thriller. The case got its name from the fact that each of the girls' first and last names started with the same letter Carmen Colon, Wanda Walkowicz, and Michelle Maenza and that each body was found in a town that had a name starting with the same letter as each girl's name Colon in Churchville, Walkowicz in Webster and Maenza in Macedon.

R 99 min Crime, Drama, Thriller.

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Based on real events, Paul Bernardo and his wife, Karla Homolka , kidnap, sexually abuse, and murder three young girls. Votes: 5, She attracted worldwide media attention when she was convicted of manslaughter following a plea bargain in the and rape-murders of two Ontario teenage girls, Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French, as well as the rape and death of her own sister Tammy.

Homolka and Paul Bernardo, her husband and partner-in-crime, were arrested in In , Bernardo was convicted of the two teenagers' murders and received life in prison, the full maximum sentence allowed in Canada. During the investigation, Homolka stated to investigators that Bernardo abused her, and that she was an unwilling accomplice to the murders.

As a result, she struck a deal with prosecutors for a reduced prison sentence of 12 years in exchange for a guilty plea for manslaughter. However, videotapes of the crimes later surfaced and demonstrated that she was a more active participant than she had claimed.

Arrest Records - March 2017, Bay County Jail, Panama City, Fl.

R 79 min Crime, Horror, Mystery. Gruesome true story of murderer Richard Speck who killed eight nursing students in one night in Chicago during the late sixties. The story also follows him to his prison fate and uncovers more of his strange behavoir before his death. The real story behind the hunt for Theodore J. Kaczynski, later known as the Unabomber, a terrorist who sent several bombs through the mail, alarming authorities and society. The movie R 94 min Crime, Drama, Thriller.

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M min Crime, Drama, Thriller. Pamela Smart knows exactly what she wants and is willing to do anything to get it. She is fed up with teaching, and her marriage offers little excitement. Looking for a way out she applies Smart was convicted for conspiring with her year-old lover, William Flynn, and three friends of Flynn's to kill her year-old husband, Gregory Smart in Derry, New Hampshire in Unrated 96 min Crime, Drama.