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The response is non-authoritative , which means that you're getting the information from a domain name server not owned by the host. The nslookup command works on most operating systems, including Microsoft Windows. However, it is an older program, and is no longer actively developed.

How to Use Nslookup – Beginners Guide

It is deprecated by the organization that developed it, the Internet Systems Consortium. Instead, they recommend using the newer tools dig and host , discussed below. Dig , the "domain information groper," will perform a DNS lookup if you give it a hostname:. Dig comes pre-installed on macOS X and Linux operating systems. Don't forget the bin at the end of the path name. It's similar to dig, but it displays simpler information. Host comes pre-installed on macOS X and Linux. Note This page discusses the best ways to find the IP address of an external computer or website.

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Additional information See the IP definition for further information about this term and related links. How do I find my IP address? How to change the IP address of an Android phone or device. How do I determine the physical location of an IP address?

How do I change my IP address? How can I fix an IP conflict?

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You always need either hostname or IP address to connect to any host. Sometimes you want to find the IP address of the localhost, some time IP address of another host on the network, etc. We have shown some techniques to find the IP address from hostname in UNIX and here we will see is a particular list of UNIX commands to get the IP address of localhost or host on which you are working along with any other host for which we know hostname.

Let's see an example of ifconfig command to find The IP address of localhost on which you are working :. As I said ifconfig command shows a lot of details but I have only included relevant inet one if you have more than one network card attached to that host, you may see more than one inet address corresponding to each of them. The main drawback of ifconfig command in UNIX is that you can only get the IP address of localhost from this command, you can not get the IP address of any other host.

Our plain old ping command can also be used to find the IP address of the localhost or any other host provided you know the hostname.

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Ping is actually one of the of 10 useful networking command in UNIX, see that link for other commands. We have seen examples of getting the IP addresses from the hostname by using ipconfig , ping , hostname, and nslookup command.

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If one command is not working in your machine, you can always use other command or you can simply cross-check the IP address by using multiple UNIX commands. How to find the size of a directory in Linux with example. How to create an archive using tar command in UNIX. How to kill a process using kill command in UNIX. Posted by javin paul Email This BlogThis! Labels: Linux , Unix. Anonymous August 4, at PM.