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California does a lot of things here that other places are not doing, like SRO hotels. San Francisco allows things that aren't allowed in other places, like sleeping in a tent. I have a tent, and I can shower at 24 Hour Fitness.

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Because [the city] has a lot of places that feed people. They help you here. They give you love.

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I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world. One person felt the city could be "friendlier" by doing more to offset the high cost of housing for those with low-incomes. There's no advocation for you to overcome these things hindering you from moving into a home. Marine Corps.

A few people find it hard to call the city "friendly," as they're constantly being robbed while living on the street, by both people who are homeless and people who are housed. One of our largest hassles. One man who only recently became homeless after a skateboard accident and the deaths of multiple family members says he finds the people hiring in San Francisco are unfriendly to homeless people.

When you apply, don't tell them you're homeless. This man who is in a wheelchair due to a lung disease making it difficult to breathe says he finds the cleaning of the sidewalks "unfriendly" — at least it's a huge inconvenience if the sidewalk is your bed. I have COPD, pulmonary disease. It's hard to move because I have trouble breathing. They're always moving us around.

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We're like part of a chess set. This man can't think of anywhere else to go. A native, San Francisco is all he knows.

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Invisible to many who walk by them, more than 7, people live in San Francisco without permanent housing. Each of these people face daily struggles living on the street, working jobs while living in a tent or shelter, fighting addiction and mental illness, finding places to shower, and always figuring out where to sleep that night. Their lives are mind-bogglingly difficult, but how how did they get there? Where did things go wrong? For a new series on SFGATE, we're talking with some of these individuals, both men and women of all ages and all walks of life, about their experiences surviving the streets.

We hope you'll have ideas for more questions we can ask and you can email those to agraff sfgate. What's the best thing that happened to you last week? How did you become homeless? Is SF a friendly city for homeless? Screaming at all hours? Breaking into houses? If they are, call the cops!

Those things are actually breaches of public order. If not, you've lucked out. Your homeless people are quiet, they're courteous—they've even put up curtains to shield you from second-hand guilt. If it were me, I'd be plastering the butt cheeks of class resentment against that window. Marty Smith is the brains or lack thereof behind Dr. Send your questions to dr.

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Welcome to Centrepoint: The UK's leading youth homelessness charity

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