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Putnam County Tax Collector www. Johns County www. Johns County Property Appraiser www. Johns County Supervisor of Elections www. Johns County Tax Collector www. State of Florida www. Government www.

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National Association of Realtors www. Florida Realtors Florida Living Network consumer site www. Baker County School Board www. Duval County School Board www. Nassau County School Board www. The major issue with relying on public records for property ownership information is the common use of LLCs. A common practice amongst commercial property owners as well as residential real estate investors is to develop or purchase a property under an LLC instead of as a corporation or a natural person.

Typically a real estate investor will create a separate LLC for each individual property in their portfolio, thus protecting not only their personal assets, but also their other real estate investments from liability. Another important benefit of LLC ownership is pass-through taxation, which allows them to claim all income generated by the company as personal income and avoid double taxation.

While this practice is great for real estate owners, it adds another layer of complexity for those searching for property owner contact information.

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After all of this, even once you find the name of an owner, now begins the battle of getting their contact information. So, as you can see, researching public property ownership records can become a pretty tedious and time-consuming process that does not guarantee successful results. You can do all of the above without leaving the platform, as well. The platform can also be used to find new prospect owners in any location with the same level of ease.

Not only are the counties throughout the country at different stages of digitizing their records, but the ones that have made them available online use a wide variety of interfaces to present the information. Furthermore, the property ownership details that are available will differ from place to place.

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As the technologies used by the tax assessment authorities become more sophisticated, more information is being made available. In addition to the basic details mentioned above, you can expect a variety of additional facts such as:. As you can see, public property ownership records can be a helpful source of information for investors looking to purchase off market commercial or residential real estate. However, if you choose to do this type of research on your own, be prepared to spend a significant amount of time navigating various county web sites.

Additionally, you should be aware that you may not always be able to locate the information you were looking for, or you may discover that the records are not accurate — just like anything else, the digitization process of public record property ownership data is prone to human error.

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