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Review Completed Forms. File the Documents. Residency: At least one of the spouses either the husband or wife or both must have lived in the state of Texas for at least the six months before filing for divorce. Commitment to customers.

Our tools have helped over , people get divorced quickly and stress-free while saving money in the process. Court approval guaranteed. If the forms aren't approved with the court we refund the customer's money. Our tools have helped complete over , cases. Step by step filling instructions. Our easy-to-follow filing instructions walk the client through the process. Online customer support. Our dedicated customer care team provides instruction throughout the process. Available on any device. Handling divorce papers online has never been more convenient. Check if you qualify for an online divorce in Texas.

Valid grounds to get divorce in Texas Grounds for an online divorce using OnlineDivorce.

OnlineDivorce reviews Wesley H. I started my divorce on my own, spending loads of money on lawyer visits in the beginning.

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So I decided to google for other ways and using this site was so much more simple! James V. I had a very successful business at the time. So, making sure I had the right forms was very very important during my divorce. I was so surprised at how easy and smooth this process was. Chloe J. After years of a tumultuous marriage, I finally decided that I needed to reclaim my life.

I was looking for how to go about it and came across this site and they simplified and made the process of divorce easy for me. Will S. Stress-free and easy!

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I was initially gonna hire a lawyer but I found online divorce the next best option. No muss, no fuss divorce. Marco P. California is expensive and divorce can be even more expensive in the end but I can say that this site payed everything out for me to follow, from child support to alimony. My ex agreed to go this way as well so it was a much less expensive option for us. Tamara B. Because of the whole dissolution of the marriage, I was struggling with two children and just in limbo with my husband at the time because of child support and alimony.

5 Must-Know Facts About Divorce in Texas

I was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. I just want to say that this site helped me sort it out. Thank you. Theresa S. I live in upstate NY and unfortunately one day I found myself in a situation for divorce. I was all out of whack, needed answers to take action.

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Enough was enough so I did it on this site. Everything was clear to understand, all forms and what to put in which box. Livy B. I mean, using it was so easy to follow. So, if you find yourself in this situation do your divorce here if possible. Documents for all stages, alimony, child support and all! Want an easy divorce? Join thousands and do your divorce documents online in an affordable way. Custody of the child in Texas Joint or sole managing conservatorship better known as custody is decided according to what is in the best interests of the child.

The factors to be considered in deciding the terms and conditions for custody of a child by the parent with visitation are as follows: The age, circumstances, needs, and best interests of the child; The circumstances of the parents; Evidence of any spouse or child abuse; and Any other relevant factor. Rules for child support in Texas The state of Texas standard child support guidelines apply in almost all cases.

Uncontested Texas divorce with children. Save more time for your children - complete your divorce papers online. Rules for spousal support in Texas Alimony, also known as spousal support, is sometimes ordered by the court to help one spouse live in a manner established during marriage after the divorce. Property division in Texas When a couple decides to divorce in Texas, they must agree to split their property in a fair and agreeable manner.

Offline and inconvenient process with attorney representation for each spouse. Costly attorney fees resulting in unpredictable expenditures. Overall lenghty and expensive way to go. The premier uncontested divorce tool. Fully-guided, fast and affordable process. Experienced and reliable online divorce service using top-notch technology.

Other websites for filling out divorce documents use flawed software technologies to complete your divorce documentation. There is a process for enforcing child support obligations, but threatening or denying a parent visitation is not one of them. Initiating a do-it-yourself divorce in Texas does not mean you can decide to withhold visitation from your spouse.

Only Women get maintenance payments. Decisions about spousal support, just like custody decisions, are no longer are based on gender. Women may be ordered to pay alimony following a divorce if they earn more than their husbands.

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Decisions about spousal support are based on the economic realities of the respective spouses regardless of their gender. Do-it-yourself divorces in Texas are no different. Children get to decide who they live with. If a child has reached the age of 12 and has expressed a preference as to which parent they would like to live with, a judge may decide to take that fact into consideration in the determination as to custody.