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Last edited by GTO : 3rd August at Reason: Adding the complete service point. View My Garage. Nice info I need experts to help me on these how to find out troubles in the engine or transmission.

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And also pray to god The following BHPian Thanks dr fate for this useful post: amit kumar. Buying a used car can be more work than it feels. Expect to keep K extra to get the car up to date after you buy it. Try and buy cars that you have seen and know the owner. Do not trust agents or even companied like Automartindia they have a good sales force but really no knowledge about cars.

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The following BHPian Thanks bhogalrajnish for this useful post: amit kumar. I would agree with Dr Fate that buying a used car is a lot about luck. But as they say And our guidelines will certainly help in minimising the risk factor. Suspension check. Yup, pick a lousy road, see what kind of shocks reach you, how much they make the dorrs and panels rattle.

Does the car bottom out. If you get a nice hard thud, the suspension is shot Unless you are WRC style thru that road!!

Check the Exterior

Push it! The car should go down, bounce back up just slightly beyond it original position ONCE and stop. If it bounces a few times, the dampers are gone. If its ridiculosly easy to push it in, the suspension may be well shot as well. What are the important things to be taken care of when buying a 2nd hand diesel car like Indica? PS : I'm a big zero when it comes to diesel cars The following BHPian Thanks mithun for this useful post: amit kumar. Indica diesels are bought for high mileage running. Therefore, and irrespective of the odometer reading, get an engine compression test done.

Good post. Quite informative for buying used car. The following BHPian Thanks babucar for this useful post: amit kumar. Originally Posted by GTO. The following BHPian Thanks panky for this useful post: amit kumar. The following BHPian Thanks drunk. Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Search this Thread : Advanced Search. The time now is Proudly powered by E2E Networks.

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New Posts. Mark Forums Read. Page 1 of Thread Tools. Search this Thread. With a growing range of makes and models you will probably find that several cars fit your budget. Analyze your needs before you decide on a car. A little research will reveal the makes and models that fit your budget. In India, Japanese cars enjoy the best long-term resale value because of their reliability, but diesel cars also sell well on the second-hand market.

Buying a used car? Here's your checklist

Reliability should be high on your checklist; research it by looking at the quality ratings of each car. The Team-BHP forums have a comprehensive databank and archive of user reviews that can help you decide. Cash is king, but there are many financing companies able to offer loans for your used car purchase. Bear in mind that interest rates for loans on used cars are higher than those for new cars. Click here to read more about getting good financing rates. Another highly recommended option is to avail of a loan against fixed deposits Link to full discussion.

The following 23 BHPians Thank adya33 for this useful post:. A car that has been maintained exclusively at a single authorized service station should score very high on your rating.

How to test drive and check a used car - Money Advice Service

Only so, because they can extort the most they can from you. That is why we are here to help by simplifying this process. All you need to do is follow our step by step guide. Begin the process by checking this first. Make sure all these match the number on the VIN plate of the car.

Buying a used car: the ultimate guide (Sponsored)

This can be located on either front of the engine under the bonnet, driver side interior dashboard, driver side door or even at the front fender in case of an old car. After this, transfer the insurance to your name. Find out if the premium has been paid regularly.

Always check the service history of the car and demand for past service record documents. This is to cross examine the actual running of the car, service intervals and along with that you will also get to know if only the entitled mechanics at the service station have serviced your potential purchase or not by going through the records. These documents are relevant if the previous owner had taken a loan to purchase the car. Ask the seller for a copy of the no-objection certificate NOC from the finance company.

This is to ensure that the entire loan on the car has been paid off. If you fail to do so and there is still some amount pending to be paid by the last owner, after getting the ownership transferred in your name, the bank will end up asking you to pay the pending loan. This is a one-time payment that has to be paid by the previous owner of the car. So ensure that you obtain a receipt for the tax paid. If you are buying it from an individual, ensure that you ask for a sale receipt. While buying it from a dealership or the company, you should get a printed invoice.

Step 2 — Miscellaneous checks: These things might take a bit of legwork, and you very well know how much time the legal processes take in our part of the land. So even before you are asked to get the smallest of documents and photocopies, let us prepare you beforehand by just brushing through the steps below. If it is an in-state, same-city transfer CC Clearance Certificate is needed.

If the car you are purchasing is under loan, you will have to apply for removal of hypothecation before proceeding. The loan should be completely repaid for this to happen. Apply for transfer of ownership in your home RTO. Do visit this link for further information.

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For information pertaining to your region, do visit the state road transport department website. That is all there is to it. Once you go through all the checks above, you are hardly going to face any difficulties in the process of documentation for your used car. The only important step remaining now is- make the payment, ask for the keys, get inside your purchased vehicle and drive it to your favorite destination or first get the holy rituals done whichever suits you first!

It stands for Duplicate Registration Certificate, and if it does, find out from the seller the reason behind sharing a duplicate RC instead of the original one. If you are taking it to another state, ideally you have to get it registered there.