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In February of last year, a soon-to-be-homeowner in Olive Branch, Mississippi got an email that seemed to be from an attorney involved with the sale. But when the buyer showed up to finalize the sale, their broker and loan officer said the money never arrived. As it turned out, the email with the wire transfer instructions had been sent by a con artist impersonating the attorney, according to an FBI affidavit filed Aug. The incident was partially responsible for touching off an FBI investigation that is tracking what the bureau believes to be a multimillion-dollar identity theft ring operating out of at least two US states.

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The money was deposited into the accounts of several phony companies the ring set up using the names of people whose identities had been stolen. They then laundered the money further, by transferring it into accounts at other banks, also established using stolen identities. Investigators dug through bank records associated with the fraudulent accounts, looking for clues. In what was presumably a sea of fake names and dead ends, they discovered a check drawn on one of the accounts that was then deposited into an account at JPMorganChase.

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The account was linked to a company called Kelz Interior Design, and had been registered with the State of Texas by someone named Brittany Cavaness Barrett. She said she was running a fitness business near the airport, and denied having anything to do with identity theft. Another included a screenshot of an incriminating deposit slip.

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Checks are fully compliant with state and federal legislation, as well as follow industry best practices for the protection of employers and clients. Fees vary according to the background checks actually required, so will you need to contact Universal Background Screening for a quote according to your needs. The criminal records check can include felonies and misdemeanors and even traffic offenses as required, at the county, state, and federal level as needed.

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Civil court case records can also be included in any search of court databases. The company is able to provide checks to the specific requirements of different industries, not least construction, education, finance, government, healthcare, and retail. Background checks provided can be as targeted or as comprehensive as required, and People Trail emphasizes that they provide human guidance to ensure the right areas for information are checked.

Pricing will vary according to the range and depth of any background checks made, so you will need to contact People Trail for a quote. The company covers a wide range of industries with specific background check needs, not least construction, healthcare, retail, and technology companies.

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Where GoodHire differs from other providers is that it stores a lot of data for popular searches, and can provide this through a mobile-friendly platform for customers to carry out their own background checks. While some, not least a search of criminal or civil convictions, may still take a couple of days, for other more centralized data such as identify verification turnaround can be instant.

Even better, compliance filters result in a dispute rate advertised as low of less than 0.

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Additionally, GoodHire are more upfront with their pricing plans so it makes it easier to budget for costs. While there may be set-up fees and third-party fees for accessing their databases, GoodHire provide three different priced plan levels. Employment Background Investigations Inc.

EBI is another large provider of employment background checks, covering the key areas of criminal record checks, Form I-9 verification, drug testing, occupational health, as well as basic identity checks. As with other providers, it covers a range of key industry which have compliance demands, not least transportation, education, healthcare, hospitality, and retail.

They can also provide tailored solutions for small business, enterprise screening, as well as extended workforce screening to cover contractors and other third-party labor. The customer portal allows customers to select which checks to actually perform, guided by EBI staff, and while most searches will be at the county, state, or national level, there are also options to perform global checks, where databases and information accuracy allows.

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As with most other companies, EBI charge according to the range and depth of services required rather than a flat-fee. Sterling , also known as Sterling Talent Solutions, is another major provider of employee background checks, covering main areas of criminal and civil court checks, identity verification, drug and health screening, as well as workforce monitoring.

They also offer to provide global checks, as well as social media searches, to ensure you hire employees you can trust.

The company works with a wide range of industries, not least construction, utilities, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and transportation. Sterling also offers specific services for small and medium sized businesses. Although the company provides screening for major brands and agencies, Sterling also provides a number of packaged solutions for small businesses in order to make background checking services more accessible and affordable.

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However, for most clients a more custom approach to employee background checks will be required and therefore will need to contact Sterling directly for a quote. TechRadar pro IT insights for business. Back to School