Always find the good in people

Most managers fall prey to feeling superior; when their teams share an issue they are facing, bosses immediately default to provide solutions. When you are busy trying to prove that you know better, you stop listening. Without understanding the other person, how can you possibly help? Staying silent is more effective than providing unsolicited advice. The best advice is being empathetic to the person that needs help.

Advice giving is emotional and intimate. Addressing personal behaviors and emotions can be perceived as you being judgmenta l. The same advice given to two different people will trigger different reactions. Your role is not to impose your perspective, but to help people find a solution that works for them. Listening requires an open mind. Asking questions without interrupting can help you and the other party better understand what the real problem is.

More empathy, less talking.

In case someone asks for your advice, use the following steps as a guide. People want to talk to you, not to listen to your advice. Listen to others. The best advice you can give is your silence. Ask questions.

Good People Meet Good People

Help people find a solution that will work for them. Friend's Email Address. Your Name.

Your Email Address. Self-Awareness 0. Hint: start by listening to what people need. We all love giving advice. We have the perfect solution to every problem except our own. The best advice is in the eye of the beholder. In order to make it flourish for as long as possible, they train regularly, move a lot and eat healthy. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

Having a variety of passions indicates that you love to progress. By practicing different skills, you give yourself an advantage over the rest of the people. During hard times, you are more likely to to act intelligently and solve your problems with less effort. If behind the efforts, there is passion and a deep desire to grow, your chances of success are way higher, compared to when you are forced to learn.

Life long learners love to experience the constant growth and improvement. The breakthrough moments help them to notice the impressive change that took place because of the learning process. Any milestone serves as a driving force for further headway. In order to keep growing, you clearly define your goals. Smart goal setting is one of the tools to ensure constant growth. Quite the opposite, it keeps you motivated and engaged. Research showed that precise and ambitious goals increase the performance of an individual.

As we already agreed, life long learners are people who care about their performance, hence they never stop improving. A complete change can lead to incredible results. This is especially visible on the example of successful companies. Twitter was originally created as an internal service to serve Odeo employees.

Currently, it has over million monthly active users and is considered the second biggest social network.

As a life long learner, you know a change can lead to extraordinary results so you welcome it and stay open minded about making a shift. Some people tend to think after a certain age, they are no longer allowed to start something and become successful. Henry Ford was 45 when he invented the Ford Model T car, which is considered as the first affordable automobile. Sure, for some domains like becoming a professional athlete, starting early is required.

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However, to learn and improve for its own sake, you are never too old. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn. Oftentimes, the best way to achieve that is to inspire them and be the example. As Gandhi would say, you need to be the change you want to see in the world. As a life long learner, you are extremely passionate about the constant growth and people around you can sense that positive attitude.

The Art of Resilience: A Practical Guide to Developing Mental Toughness

As a result, they start acting similarly. Is it really better to step out of your comfort zone? The answer is always yes. What about a sex offender who stole a child's emotional wellbeing? Jesus also said that it would be better for a person to be thrown down a well than to offend a child. If no one ever judged, we wouldn't have a justice system. I don't think judging is bad. I think what we should strive for is making the best judgment we can when needed with the best info we can get.

It is also important to understand that for many people, judgments change with time and experience. The article seems more about how to make a good judgment in some certain situations, most seem to be quick judgments. It also seems to blur the boundary between a judgment and an action. Your dog story to some degree illustrates this. A judgement is made, fear, anger.

The wind blows, you now have more info and more time and YOU then judged it to be snarling because of the pain it was experiencing. It's completely possible the dog even without the pain would have snarled and snapped.

People Want to Talk to You (Not to Listen to Your Voice)

The more important judgment you don't mention is does that snarling dog, whether normally cute or nasty present a danger in this situation 1. Depersonalize, is more of a how to make a good judgment. What is not mentioned is context. Does my judgment affect anything or not? Basically is there a cost to my judgment, someone might get hurt, taken advantage of, While some of the judgment is about the situation to some degree it is also a value judgment of the person.

I don't necessarily hang a used car salesman from a tree, but I also don't blindly give him the benefit of the doubt, I look out for my money, I question their questions and statements.

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Similar to 3 with one exception. He is still a bad person.

79 quotes that will change the way you think

The guy who is nice to cats can still be a bad person. Yep, I've driven poorly and that is exactly why I have no problem making a judgment. That anger I feel, for me, acts a reminder that when I also drive poorly it is not ok. The same applies at people who are rude in the grocery store with carts, it reminds me to be more aware of my actions. I would agree that too often we act upon judgments when not necessary.

People do many things that are the right decision for them but not for me. I say nothing because it does not affect me. The important distinction to me is having an opinion or judgment vs actions.